Jesus came inside me like a body my perfect size when I was 32

bob hickman   (1)hollie wanting trouble-vision received 3-28-2010-in this vision I saw hollie wearing a dull white robe, and she may have been pulling up sleeves.<BR>(2)palestinian state-visions received 10-10-2005 God has showed me a spirit that looked like dorein maybe with pastor simions voice said, palestinian state, and dorein said, is judge, ment, on, isreal, that, EZEKIEL, 7, must, be, full, fulfilled, save me, I'm dorein, and I work for nussbaum, in, and I said, illinois, and pastor simion said that is, and dorein said, thats the ticket, and simison said, git out, take, palestinian state, is judgement, you been closed. This is pastor simison the ACTS 2:38 preacher of upci the bible Church, why you laughin, at, the, tradgety, website is open, and the prophet is open, website, closing, the , world(787) prayer could have stopped the hurricane in north carolina-vision recieved 9-17-2005 God has showed me a spirit that looked like hollie and she said things like, if you would have went to north carolina, that would'nt have happened, witch, there's my answer, lets harras him, take his website down, theres the answer, he'll, and thomas simison said, put it back up, its in storage.<BR>(695)eric dickerson-vision received 10-10-2005 God has showed me a spirit that looked like  eric dickerson of eric dickerson buick in indianapolis and he said, erik dickerson, come, buy, a buick, for, half price, for you, but he won't, your headed to destruction, repent, and be, and the bible Church pastor which is also in indianapolis mr dickerson said, baptized, I slipped, and erik said, and you will, and simion said, reiceve, the HOLY One.<BR>(696)got to have the Holy Ghost-vision received 10-10-2005 God has showed me a spirit that looked like dorein and she said, the Holy Ghost, and I saw jennifer schafer and she said, off, out, cute, and dorein said, sexy, and jennifer said, bite me.<BR>(697)you must be willing-vision received 10-10-2005 God has showed me a spirit that looked like dorein and she said, you would, was talking to _______,<BR>(698)hurricanes-vision received 10-10-2005 God has showed me a spirit that looked like dorein and she said, hollie, tell and hollie said, what a hurricane is, and  dorein said, its, and simison said, judgment, and dorein said, good day.<BR>(699)the catholic Church-vision received 10-10-2005 God has showed me a spirit that looked like pastor simion and he said, the catholic Church is, is, is, satan.<BR>(700)the lutheran Church-vision received 10-10-2005 God has showed me a spirit that looked like pastor simison and he said, is satan, thats what the lutheran Church is about.<BR>(701)the baptist Church -vision received 10-10-2005 God has showed me a spirit that looked like pastor simion and he said, the baptist Church, is, satan.<BR>(702)the methodist Church-vision received 10-10-2005 God has showed me a spirit that looked like pastor simion and he said, satan, luteran, methodist, is, the, same, and dorein said, thats the ticket, Jesus Christ, wants, to, save, but, not, according, to, the, doctrines of, men.<BR> 3-30-2010-and he saw, said, casey, wiped lips, its, said, hollie, ester, Estoria Owens, hollie said, thats Estoria Owens showing cut off, its cause I dye, said, hollie showed, its your reverend, Estoria Owens, lost said Estoria Owens, cut off, she, said, what does the moon say, said, hollie, that, moon, said, hey, hollie, moon looks down, that, moon, said, looked at, smoke, coming from world, that moon, said, Jesus, watches, nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploded, that, pointed, moon, world, shakes, and, up rose the beast, hollie, said, its, pope, theres hu hintao, that, said, moon, put back, its, picture of, whole new world order, that, said, moon, that, said, moon, laughs, thats, hollie, dressed like, captain, showing, with big hand, worried looking, captain smith, on deck of, its s.s. titanic, o, said, wilhelm gustloff, m.v., said, hollie, ship, with face, normal, but changing silhouette, then, back, but, that, said, moon, showed, yolasite website, angel showed, record, its over taiwan, angel, said, and, he, saw, it, said, casey, showed, hollie rode missile, its into, taiwan, exploded, thats, hollie turning, around, on, missile, thats nuclear fires in china, thats, three ohio class submarines firing, thats, boris yeltsin, and, hu hintao, you lure, said, yeltsin, thats, hu hintao, battling washington state with sword, its, repelled, said, hollie, flew out to sea, in, old world war two aircraft, its starfighter, said, hollie, flown by jim steinman upsidedown, hollie bombs chinese ship, sinks, starfighter, said, hollie, thats, f-104 starfighter, flying, they were, said, hollie, Jesus, wiped chin, good enough, brother stephenson is telling you to keep your mouth shut, thats john m. stephenson, clapped, the, tap dancers, sh, said, Jesus, loose belt, sorrow, said, hollie, s,o,r,r,o, hollie, said, she, spelled, hollie, said, what kind of visions do you want, thats, what showin us, said, hollie, and, another, hollie claps, hollie was, to the side, its to late for south korea, said, Jesus, hollie, said, and he saw, that, said, casey, south korea on fire, thats rockets striking russia and china, thats kim jong with nuclear button, pressed, thats missile leaving russia with putin on, north korea exploded, hollie rode the rocket, i'm uh vision, said, hollie, thats, hollie riding, bike, happy, wearing plad coat, its the final four, lucas oil stadium said, hollie, duke won, hollie showed, go, whew, whew, said, hollie, its Father on old steam locomotive, its pioneer, said, hollie, with, hollie funnel on front, blew, thats, pope, coming out, theres, hu hintao, said, hollie, there, she, said, both beasts, its, old, number seven, showed, hollie, hollie showed, the popes picture, clapped the tap dancer, hollie showed, turn, like, new, thing, hollie, thats, it, said, hollie, write the vision, said, Jesus, hollie, showed, eat, thats it, tell me what their going to do to alaska, said, hollie, thats missile flying, alaska exploded first, the rest exploded in center of america, thats, nuclear explosion in canada, cnn, tower falls, hollie tore up, hands lit, body hidden, but, fades, in, hollie shows, picture, its pope, give warning, said, hollie, and Jesus, aw you want it, said, hollie, playing music, this economy slipping, sang, hollies, barack obama blows on hand, its, economic collapse, he, said, at, podium, said, Jesus, hollie, said, lets lay down, hollie layed, down, eyes open, watch hollie surface, said, hollie, thats hollie surfacing, its submarine, thats, gaza burning, hollie turns, sub, israeli prime minister presses nuclear button, thats two nuclear fires in iraq, hollie pushes bush to platform, hollie wore coat, bush ate chicken, I made war, our, he said, bit, its to breakem, he, said, ate chicken, thats oil wells appearing, its our contracts, he said, left, hollie puts bush in fire, thats bear licking prophet, its on, rocky horror picture show, said, hollie, showed, lay down, hollie claps, stomps foot, claps, thats, bear licking, prophet, hollie layed down, and he saw, it, said, casey, thats submarines all around america, hollie claps, one fires, explosion along west coast, hollie on t.v. news, lets wrap it up, hollie, said, thats all subs firing, both american coasts exploded, barack obama types, thats Jesus appearing, and bear with three ribs in mouth, lets destroy, this, said, JEsus, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding, Jesus watches world, missiles from strike russia, burned, thats moon with big nose looking down, at, smoke, i'm, said, sun, both play, laugh, thats Jesus, there, let me record, said, hollie, stamped, with hand, pope rose, 3-2010-tell me about tiger woods, said, hollie, showed, its, him, you married a white girl, yes I did said, its, said, hollie, tiger woods, put her away, said, hollie, o.k., said, tiger, I did, perished anyway, said, Jesus, put it under, said, God, dont play, said, hollie, with me, hollie, said, sh, said, God, whats my reason for, hollie, said, its charles simm, hollie, said, he, sh, hollie, said, its witch, both, hollie and God said, they are, said, hollie, and he saw, said, casey, charles simms, pocketing, the loot, charles and mrs. charles simms said, its, for they are witchs, hollie and God said, put it under, God said, sh, hollie said, bobby, sh, dont, hollie said, its the escripturuan, hollie, said, strong deluding, the wicked, hollie said, thats Father, on steam locomotive, its pioneer, hollie said, rolled up sleeves, its, come on, hollie said, its war, thats hollie, fight, she, said, its pope and hu, hintao, hollie, said, bobby, that was, said, hollie, sh, she, said, pope, its on, cellphone, t.v., said, hollie, and God, put it under, its the popes image made alive, sh, said, hollie, dont tell on him, hollie, said, thats, its, tiger woods, pocketing, the loot, knows, bob, has, Jesus, inside, thats, hollie with Jesus inside, tiger woods laughs, 8-22-2010-whats that said, its the three woes said another hollie, theres that she said, its hu hintao hollie said, attacking washington state with his light sword on his red horse, hollie rode the missile, another hollie watches it streak from china, another hollie showed her light watch, one woe is past said hollie, she rode the missile its into taiwan which errupted into flames said God, whats that, said, hollie, and, another, hollie appears, hollie showed, thumbs down, its, for, the, pentecostals of boston, its witches, hollie, said, and I stamp, she, said, thats, beast, pope, running, out, hollie, had, its, hard, flash, drive, thats, hollie in white robe, updating, her hard drive at computer, thats popes, face on, computer, look, said, hollie, showed, visions of the beast with seven heads and ten horns, n.w.o., reign of the antichrist, it sold, hollie, waited for, Gods word, Jesus, whispers, 111 copies today, its, the, pentecostals of boston, buying, thats young people, at, their, church, pointed, hollie, its witches, pastor ruint, its france, said, hollie, exploding, missiles leave their two submarines with captain hollie, striking, that laughed, hollie, russia exploded, thats missiles leaving russia, bear rising out of russia, devour that, pointed, Jesus, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. countries exploding, theres, countries in south america exploding, I said, dont, hollie, said, showed, bob, its, yola, hollie, said, and, he, saw, said, casey, its, yola ministry of dreams website angel like pink angel with partial silhouette face, theres big deformity on one side, its brownish with some green, angel turns, head, one, eye appears, then, other, starts, thats, changing deformity, on other side, its brown and green, its, i'm the new, ministry of dreams, said, yola website, thats submarines, right there, said, hollie, its, the, submarine somby, said, she hollie, all around, america, let me record, said, hollie, cnn newsman, showed, with, stick, pope, I am God, he said, like drawing, pope, that, showed, hollie, is america, thats, hollies face appearing, with, holding, book, now in many states in america, that, said, another, hollie, some, in, australia, that, hollie said, in canada, hollie looked, they are popping up, russia, said, casey, sprinkled, that, said, hollie, and hollie like red bear points, has, three ribs in mouth, I want you, to, arise and destroy that, said, Jesus, thats, many countries appearing, that, hollie said, they exploded, thats, nicaragua appearing on one rib, theres cuba, mexico, hollie claps, that, said, another, hollie, new marine corp. said, many, hollies, tap dancing, thats like silhouette face angel marine in street, face appears, then, silhouette again, two, thats marching in streets, people like lit dot heads, and, people holding signs, we want justice, they chant, our social security, pension failed, they said, hollie, wiped lips, hollie, blew balloon, hollie showed, appeared, on, with like sad face, white in mouth, hey pointed, she hollie, but placed hand over mouth, to see of bob recorded or not, he did, hollie showed, turn, but only part seen, he hollie appears underneath, tickles, with feather, its old number seven, said, hollie, its, steam locomotive with Jesus riding, they conveyed said, hollie, thats, hollie, replacing front brake pads, soon, she, said, go, said, the paul, mooney girl, shut up, she, said, this is, the, decision said, hollie, just leave it alone, she, said, what are, you, going, home for, thats what you want, thats what you need, said, a he and she hollie, hollie showed, to go home, said, hollie, wearing white robe, thats, your dragon, said, hollie, i'm the g8, said, putin, its, nuclear n.a.t.o., said, hollie, showed, kings appeared, with happy dragon, hollie showed, lay down, it, was, him, a she hollie said, with partial featureless face, she said, dont, said, another, hollie, danced wildly, showed, popes, picture, with, hu hintao, there was putin, these three beasts, said, hollie, will destroy, the, whole universe, hollie closed it up, that, was, the, shake up, right there, said, hollie, its, Jesus, showing, his light watch, new america, said, Jesus, thats, angel looters running streets, protesting, people marching, like light people with signs, hollie, said, she said, hollie showed, thumbs mostly up for that van, its cause, its still good, she, said, hollie like dark hollie, had white in mouth, another, hollie comes, out, points, but looks at bob, places, hand on mouth, another, hollie comes out of her, smiles, he, bob recorded, hollie, said,

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