the Holy Ghost entered me like a body my perfect size, and starting day one, Jesus does manifold temptations, and God told me, its to make his servants loose their salvation, which means, Jesus saves and Jesus destroys after servant tasted of the heavenly gift, and its to laugh. Jesus spoke the below, lest:
  • Jesus himself tortures to laugh at bob hickman and robert tells
  • 10-24-2010-bob I want you to loose your teeth to embarras you, to make, you, hate me, cause I deseased your gums when you found out about me, cause you were beautiful and I wanted to abase, to mock you, cause you were humble, and I love teasing, if you fast, I may change my mind, I'm causing you to heat up in body like a furnace right now, and mocking you, trying to make you backslide after I exalted you, to make you laughed at, and mocked in the eyes of all men, to laugh my self, for I betray, saith God, I caress, penus with electricity, and, cause, dick to get hard, and mock you, telling you to jackoff, to laugh, at you, loose your teeth one at a time, or fast for, many times, till I remove my wrath, and you are perfect, saith God, bob i'm not going to stop untill you go out into the world and embarras yourself, cause I would not let you stand, and you glorified me, saith the Lord, and you will mock me in your heart, but, I will betray, my children, to make them, abased, in my eyes, you see, said, God, they are not humble untill they are running from me, I will make you perish, to laugh, at, you, saith the Lord, like, all, before, they all, were, persecuted, driven away, and will laugh in, the lake of fire, for I the Lord, love teasing, and maiming my children, making it like bob was, for almost eight months, he could not walk, laughing at him in visions, letting him see, I hate you bob, cause, you loved me, die, you little looser, and your my child, read this and mock us both, saith the, Lord, but perish with, but atleast, most, jacked off, lusted, and did what they wanted, bob served, me, excellent, but I wanted him driven out, to entertain myself, saith the Lord, I will desease your gums till you teeth fall out, pull them out and save yourself misery, and I will laugh, at you bob, for no reason, saith Jesus, thats hollie showed, laying on, side, snapping fingers, smiling, said, hollie and Jesus, and, I showed, you that, said, hollie showed, hollie screamed, smiled, hey, bobby, its, why, what for, she, said, screamed, thats, him, said, partial face hollie, all face there, its, o, said, hollie, coming out, its, another, one, said, Jesus, looking at, bob, but, pointing at, partial face, hollie, her, face, was, hard to make out, she I said, another, hollie said, dont put that, picture out, hollie showed, use that picture, with, its the book, she, said, ministry of dreams, bob holdin, hollie said, you see this showed, hollie, walked underneath, its the u.s.s. iowa, she said, thats iowa firing, during, its vietnam, theres, iowa, in, its world war two, its still there, hollie said, all they have to do to make uh ship last, dry dock it, hollie showed, them floating into drydock, then, its, hollie checks bottom, repair, they rust, it takes time, hollie said, but, cheaper, its, hollie said, your wastin, natural resources, thats mustang g.t. spinning rear tires, bob, said, hollie, like ship mate, showed, its popes, picture, with brown hair, I aint wanna git you outta there, said, it popey partial face hollie said, you lost your dream, said, hollie, chirping like bird, many, theres the marine corp. said hollie, showed, right there, its, angel gabriel like marine, he, was protecting, its lootin, said, hollie, thats, many hollies stealing, with silhouette faces, one had her face there, another, hollie comes out, looks at bob serious, points, hand over mouth, that hollie was looting was one that appeared at beginning of vision, she, showed, its economic collapse, said barack obama at podium, leaves, its, when, the, marine corp. is out in the streets, thats said hollie, thats Jesus sprinkling, bear arising with three ribs in mouth, destroy that, said Jesus, hollie shakes, yes, its america appearing, thats captain hollie soaring, spacefighter bomber jet he said, thats nuclear n.a.t.o. countries burning, russia on fire, thats submarines and missiles flying from them, thats land based nuclear rockets lifting off, him, said, partial face, hollie, many countries exploded, thats america on fire, submarines all around, its, on the day of the LOrd, said, him, said partial face hollie with like uh golden mostly silhouette face, smoke, rises, thats moon just looking, its o.k., said little nell, hollie walked, at, its, strip mall, she, wore uh plad coat, its, said, hollie, like, dreading, she, said, shipmate, showed, its r.m.s. titanic, with edward smith on deck, o shit, he, said, ship scrapes against iceberg, sinks, thats the m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, waiting on bottom of sea, hollie visits both in, its akula class she, said, submarine, its o, said, another, hollie, comes out, points, with, two fingers, same hollie appearings twice in two submarines, visiting titanic and wilhelm gustloff ship, its o, said, wilhelm gustloff, ship, getting bored, its, bobby appreaciate said partial face hollie and Jesus, shop said hollie, thats her wearing, its uh plad coat, she, said, looking for, its new stuff, she, said, hollie screamed, thats, her getting food, for animals, she looked in, its trash can, hollie pointed, turn, its, open, said, Jesus, its sixth seal and, smoke going up like furnace, thats, submarines, many, all with captain hollie, thats hollie showing old car, with big lighted hand, they still run, thats car spinning tires, thats bear licking prophet, you see, this said hollie, its they waste she said, its little teddy bear, still, good, going to, trash, thats hollie happy in the fire, turning head, hes, said, hollie, look happy said, Jesus, to, its him, said partial face hollie, he was excited to do vision, but its same hollie thats reports for b.b.c., thats him, back, showed, hollie, wearing white robe, in news desk, showed, its the dragon, beast, they said, with seven heads and ten horns, i'm the g8, said, its putin, its nuclear n.a.t.o., thats bush like woman riding dragon, what did he say, said, hollie, talking, about, its pope, I want uh vision, it, pontey, thats partial face hollie, with golden glow, and, mostly silhouette face, showing, thats, face, out of, said, hollie, and mostly back into, its she said, sony stereo speaker, with twin six and one half inch woofers, both moved, its excellent, showed, hollie, people, waste, theres many being thrown away, its, they were good, hollie said, this is, hu hintao, on, his red horse, hollie, rode the spacefighter, its into over taiwan, burned, thats hu hintao battling, its washington state said, hollie, scene spins, he had blue, light sword on red horse, hollie fights back with light colored sword, thats another, hollie flying out, in, its old world ware two aircraft fighter bomber jet, its b-34, its repelled, hollie dressed like old world war two pilot, hollie screamed, its, why what she said, thats grim reaper laughing on his, its grizzled and bay, said, hollie, stamps, scene spins, horse, thats, bobs picture popping up on webbies, hollie said, God rubs chin, thinks, its, i'm going, to make him a deal, Jesus wearing white robe, said, thats picture going down again, I dont want no tap dancers, said, the tap dancers, many hollies, thats its, him, said partial face hollie, tap dancing, whew let me, said, it partial face hollie said, hollie with Jesus inside, showed, record, showed, its pictures, both beasts, she and another, hollie, hidden, but dimly faded in, and God said, its hu, and pope, its, I can see, said pope to hu, were not going to get along, hu shakes, yes, she said, dont another, hollie, said,

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