(-0)three kings shall rise in persia-visions recieved 7-25-2008-in visions I saw three kings rise, and they were, the pope, hu hintao, emporer of japan, and slashed pope.<BR> <BR>(15)1-4-2009-turn, showed, hollie, write the vision, she, said, cause, im the beast, said, pope, with seven governments and ruling party, said, HOllie, Jesus, put it up, thats, revelations of the little horn, thats pope, little horn, hollie showed, record, thats, hollie, its, uh, double, blade, helicopter said, hollie, helicopter, letting out hollie showed, back, left, that, pointed, thing, and, that, that was Jesus, said, hollie, that, pointed, thing, like fire, man, in palm, it opened, said, hollie, hollie showed, record, that, pointed, thing, the antichrist, that, pointed thing, the second beast, that, he said, put back, tear, up, that, pointed, thing, licked prophet, hollie showed, turn, that, said, hollie, that said thing, showed, beast, tear up, put back, tear, spin, clap, that, said, thing, hollie showed, that, he said, hollie showed, record, wiped lips, you know said Jesus, in palm of hand, like fire man, opened, 1-25-2011-hollie showed, record, showed, bobby eat something, thats, janette, hollie showed, wearing, its uh turquoise sweatshirt, she called, hollie said, thats, sex, hollie said, soon, put it under, he knew, thats bob showed, hollie, with, its uh, lighted hand, she said, and, hollie, runs out, but, hand stayed, theres, scene changed, with, its him in, i'm the m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, said, its, his ship, problem, hollie said, thats well dressed ship being rocked, by, three torpedoes, hitler stands on deck onboard his superliner, hollie said, thats board ship waiting at, its bottom of sea, thats hollie like shipmate onboard, its r.m.s. titanic, thats, it scraping against iceberg, o shit said edward smith, Jesus, talks with, smith at, its the interviewing table, I wanted speed smith said, its bruce ismay, came on scene, but swallowed, shouldve left hollie, it hollie, said, another, hollie, shes like thing, its janette, she, called, she, wore, uh turquoise sweatshirt, she needed love, thats, its, him, said, she hollie, they have more sex, thats him fucking her, boo chanted, its him, its, said, she hollie, he said, trouble said, Jesus, and, hollie, told, thats, three kings rising in, its persia said, hollie, stamped, thats, pope, with, his flower, theres hu hintao, with, his flower, you see these two beasts, hollie said, thats, empy hollie said, emperor, of, japan, thats, slash, idol pope, God said, you see hollie said, thats people, its lootin, she said, its under economic collapse, hollie said, barack obama announces, hey she said, but he didnt say that, its, economic hardship, said president obama, thats hollie, pulling on, army service man gabriels pant legg, hollie like light head, wearing, its uh plad coat, had two light colors in face, he said, jumpy hollie said, she wore white robe, showed, but face went silhouette monkey, thats submarines all around, america, all with captain hollie, some he and she hollies, thats both american coasts burning and gabriel lifting hollie out of destruction, center of, america exploded, its chinook, hollie said, bob git food, hollie said, showed, eat, hollie showed, turn, bob said, it hollie said another hollie, janette appeared, hollie showed lay down, grieve hollie said, and lay on side, but dont die she said, when you could live, just do ministry of dreams hollie said, heres why, its jail God said, soon, its two years in the smackuhrue Jesus said, after that hollie said, bob and janette will be together forever, dont call the indianapolis police, said it Jesus hollie said, heres why hollie said, janette will be beat, bad he hollie said, but will live, its new marine corp., its out in the streets said Jesus and hollie, thats pilfering, even hollie stole, thats her with gift, wearing, its uh red plad coat, hand raises, but, body disappeared, hollie appeared, later, but stunned looking, wearing, its uh blue skirt, another, hollie points, this is uh warning, hollie said, git, food, she said, thats, hollie getting into, its dumpster, she raised hand, scene changed, with, its, him, in, she said, but, she disappeared, but hollie appeared looking stunned, wearing skirt, but normalized, look, said, it, hollie, said, another, hollie, pope appeared, above, but hollie comes out, laughing, then back, but pope pulled sleeves up, its king of grecia, turned, into, hollie, said, came out, showed, its goat horns and kings coming out, thats them, said, hollie, pointed, its ram with, its putins face, and, thats puting coming out of horn with flower, theres, theres medvedev and pope, thats hintao out of other, horn, all had roses, its thats nuclear n.a.t.o. missile strike, its on russia, burned, but thats bear arising with three ribs in mouth, destroy that pointed Jesus, bear shakes, yes, thats, hollie acting like bear, thats three submarines, all with captain, hollie, appearing in their waters, she said, its cuba, mexico, nicaragua, all three exploded, but thats missiles showering america, burned, bobby, said, it hollie, showed, turn, thats hollie walking on, its treadmill drinking her drink, hollie thought before showing turn, but, showed, turn, lighted hand, big, bobby pope said, it, said, she hollie, hollie thing, popes picture appeared, but hollie rubbed face, she said, jumpy hollie said, with golden, face, nice hair, thats her with her nice hair winking and hollie with nice hair appearing, bobby she said, dont do that, thats hollie doing, her own hair grafts, it works but painful, its boo chanted many he hollies, theres lighted she hollie in, like happy and enthusiastic hollie appears, that, she said, its, pope riding black horse, pope, said, it, hollie said, different hollie, in fire drinking drink, hollie comes out, looks, he wore skirt, theres white in mouth, hollie showed, record, pope she said, thats pope in moscow, singing, its deal with, medvedev points at self, it gains, some advantages, jumpy hollie showed, sleep, this is uh warning, said, hollie, if you poke an artery, thats, hollie, doing her own hair grafts, pokes artery, and blood squirts, then she becomes, afraid, tries to stop, it wont, hollie showed, lay down, said, it, hollie, same one, Jesus said, but, he, hollie, claps, hands, laying on side in bed, they were lighted hands showed, she hollie, he wore, its turquoise, sweatshirt, hollie showed, hair grafts, she did some, they work, but, expensive said, hollie, walked out, showed,


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