hollie showed-visions received about 8-22-2010-in vision I saw the face of, hollie showed, sad, may have been white on mouth that was open like an o

(479)westside pentecostal church in indianapolis, Indiana-received 7-8-2005-I heard while praying, don't go to westside".
(480)fallen-visions recieved 5-24-2005-In visions, I saw a man and he said things like, "I fell", "need wallet", "I'm against you", "no Spirit".
(481)blasphemed-vision received 5-29-2005-I was going to the checkout conter at a buisness and would have witnessed to the woman there, and I saw her in a vision and she said, "I blasphemed".
(482)suicide coming-vision received 6-6-2005-In this vision, I saw a woman and she said something like, "I'm gonna try suicide".
(483)Something-vision received 6-10-2005-While driving and praying, I saw Something White coming to me in the corner of one of my eyes. I beleive this was the Holy Ghost. Praise Jesus!
(484)my fish aqaurium had cloudy water-vision received 6-15-2005-In this vision, I saw my fish aquarium and it had ver cloudy water. I don't know what happened to prevent me from taking care of it. I may do lots a travel, and if that is the case, it would probably be best to take the fish to white river and let them go.
(485)overeat-overdrive-vision recieved 6-19-2005-In this vision, I saw a Man with brown Hair and Beard and He said somthing like, "you overeat and overdrive". I don't fully agree, but, I'm not the one calling the shots. Maybe sometimes on both, but, not all the time. C'mon Jesus Man, loosen up. Your Will OH PRECIOUS LORD!
(486)joking around will send you to the lake of fire-vision recieved 6-19-2005-In this vision, I saw a woman and she said, "jesting". If you will give an account of every idle word in the day of judgement, does that make an idle word a word that did not need to be said? You must be serious about Jesus.
(487)sniffing glue can ruin your mind-visions recieved 6-21-2005-In visions, I saw this man I knew and he sniffed glue, huffed tolley wau. I saw him in visions and he said things like, "sniffing glue", "my head".
(488)dumitru duduman-vision recieved 6-21-2005-In a vision, I saw a man tha looked like dumitru duduman and he said in a very delightfule eloquent voice, "your an angel". I saw him in atleast one more vision to. I have dumitru dudumans tape, and book. The visions he declared came from the Holy Ghost. I know the Spirit of God, and I know that is where dumitru's stuff came from. One thing that seems unique to me is, dumitru died about 5-7-1998, and that is about the time Jesus was raising me up. Praise Jesus for giving me the oppurtunity of a life time. To seve HIM! Not trading IT for the world, and the world of worlds! Praise Jesus in the HIGHEST!!!!!
(489)money can get you in trouble-vision recieved 6-21-2005-In this vision, I saw a man and he said, "I need money".
(490)Hollie-visions recieved 6-22-2005-In a vision, I beleive I saw the name, "HOLLIE", and I believe I saw hollie in a visions or a spirit that looks like her and the female spirit said things like, "write", "the Lord will get you", "I must eat". I may have seen some of these in words. This may have been a lying spirit, and it may have been an actual person. I believe it looked like a person.
(491)financial-vision recieved 6-22-2005-I had a deal with a man and so far, he has not come thru on all, and the part that did come thru, I had to go and get, but, I could not find all. I saw the man in a vision and he said, "everythings financial". I've given money. I paid in advance. I seriously doubt if I will give him more.
(492)don't-vision recieved 6-24-2005-In this vision, I saw an all White Angelic Being in a vision and He said, "don't do that". I was changing pages on this site to red, and Jesus showed me in visions to do this, but, I can do it when I udate pages, I don't have to do it all now. Praise Jesus anyhow!!
(493)SUICIDE is a permanent solution to a temporoary problem-visions recieved 6-28-2005-In visions, I saw a woman and she said things like, "I want your baby", "death", "committed suicide". In other visions, I saw her and she screamed, "hot", and in one she was weeping bitterly. I prayed to Jesus not wanting this to happen. 4-1-2010-no, said, hollie, showed, Lord I said i'm thru, hollie, said, showed, its, hollie showed, holliefleas, no, she, said, bob, said, hollie, showed, lay down, hollie showed, record, this is uh warning, said, hollie, and I stamped, with the loose belt sound, leave it alone, said, hollie, there, hollie said, showed, no, it appeared, said, hollie, thats, charles ellis, of, assisstant bishop over, hollie showed, its pentecostal assemblies of the world, thats charles ellis showing not saved, its i'm with witch, said, your reverend, hollie, said, charles ellis, thats mrs. ellis appearing, put it in the pocket, said, mrs. charles ellis, thats pastor charles ellis with dyed hair looking at visions, I wont resign, said, bishop charles ellis, showed, lots of money, but, showed, cut off, what is that, said, hollie, showed, ford galaxie 500, its uh 1962, spun rear tires, I got, uh warnin, said, hollie, showed, pope, hollie, said, tell me what the loose belt soum, is, for, said, hollie, look, said, hollie, showed, picture, nothing, then, pope, hollie, said, appeared, thats hu hintaos picture, hollie relaxes, there you have it, both beasts, hey bobby, look, said, hollie, showed, popes picture, this is warnin, said, hollie, hollie slapped, with uh e,d, prophet, said, hollie, hollie scream, that was it, said, hollie, its bush and gorbachev on the ship, hollie, said, its, peace and safety, start one, hollie, said, hollie showed, trouble, hollie, said, pope, and he saw, it, said, casey, kings arise, theres hu hintao, says hollie, and hollie in dull white robe, showed, hes false prophet, theres, pope, hollie, showed, hes, anti, theres emporer of japan, hollie showed, thats, two horned, beast, with, those two, coming out of, its horns, bob, said, hollie, showed, lay down, thats hollie, laying down, lets war, said, hollie, showed, in, its, uh dark setting, hollie had dull, white, robe, pulled sleeves back, had, amber colored hands, hollie pilots spacecraft, dropped bomb, thats america below exploding, hollie, looks at the nuclear n.a.t.o. lands exploding, thats russia on fire, Jesus watches, thats moon dressed very nice, bobby, he made me, said, moon, showed, picture, it, whole new world order, hollie like, stick hollie moved hands, tear up, said, hollie, had lighted hands, showed, them, hollie whistled, war, said, hollie, other, hollie, shows, lighted amber hands, thats, massive nuclear fireball, hollie, said, its in russia, thats missiles leaving, russia, its, they exchange, said, hollie, showed, nuclear fires, in both countries, thats hegoat pope with ram horns, thats, ram with putins face, thats hu hintao coming out of, one, horn, theres, putin, medvedev, pope out of other, thats hegoat smiting ram, thats, pope, hu and japan at table, signing, 666, its, peace treaty, they leave, hollie screamed, e,d, she said, why what for, hollie, said, screamed, when, ya get home, said, hollie, screamed, showed, lay down, jong, said, Jesus, and, he, saw, it, said, casey, kim jong with nuclear button, thats, nuclear fires in russia, china, and south korea, moon, dressed nice, watches, that, said, moon, missile leaves russia, with, its yola, said, hollie, website on, like, pink post angel, north korea exploded, record, said, hollie, let me, stomped foot, that, was, clap, heard, hollies body faded, in, snapped fingers, its, nigger, said, hollie, thats, end time prophetic ministry, website, bobby its time to go home, this is uh warnin, said, hollie, dot face licked prophet, bear licked prophet, I will bob come against sissy, said, Jesus, hollie showed, lay down, bobby dont, said, hollie, o, its his ship, said, fleas, are you talken about me said wilhelm gustloff ship, m.v., said, hollie, thats ship, with, changing face, put back, tear up, showed, popes picture, with brown hair, let me, rule, the, world, said, putin, kneeling before, hollie shows, world, thats many countries exploding, smoke goes up, and moon, looks down, its, moon, said, bobby he made me,


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